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Chicken Picatta

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Wow I’ve been so MIA! I was going to put up a post about my quick adventure in the “Emerald City” aka Seattle but time flew by and I ended up not! But you know what, all is not lost. I made Chicken Picatta the other night and wow, if you ever want to impress someone or even yourself with a quick easy and delicious chicken dish, THIS IS THE WAY TO GO.

I have a huge soft spot for chicken, I know that “it’s just chicken”, but I LOVE IT. Every time I make a delicious dish with chicken I can’t help but fall back in love with it. This dish is super simple and very quick and easy to whip up. Not to mention it will taste fantastic if you love lemon-y cream sauces.

As you can see I whipped up some quick sides to this dish. I’ll post those recipes up later but honestly it’s so easy to figure out! :)

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Homemade Corned Beef Part 2

Whooo the day has cometh when I came maketh this corned beefeth. I began my adventures a little over a week ago HERE, and finally able to share my thoughts with you on the final product.

The thing about making your own corned beef is that it ain’t going to be that fluorescent pink that it normally looks like. Apparently solutions to that is dropping food colouring (not really commended though…) or adding dehydrated beet powder (sounds neat!). I did neither because I am lazy. Continue reading

Homemade Corned Beef!

I feel terrible for admitting this (but not really hehe)…but I have become a corned beef convert!! I used to hate seeing how it was all congealed and packed tightly in a tin can but now I LOVE IT. It’s so delicious with cubed potatoes and onions on top of rice and egg….beauty.

But a dinky can is up to $7!!! I was a bit shocked at this price tag, also it’s totally not my normal “primal/paleo” way of eating. Out of curiosity I really wanted to try to make my own and after a bit of researching I came upon this fantastic recipe (click here for direct link). Also there ain’t no crazy nitrates and whatnot added to this. Just good ol’ salt, spices, sugar. Although in the picture below i TOTALLY FORGOT THE BAY LEAF. Ah wells :P

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